Pasco Attorney Warns Caliente About Sex Parties

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY Breaking story. I can now confirm that on April 29, 2010, Caliente Tampa clothing optional resort received a "cease and desist" letter from Debra M. Zampetti, Zoning/Code Compliance Administrator for Pasco County, warning about allegations of offering "performances" which "feature sexual activity and/or the anatomical areas" in return for a fee. When contacted today by email, Ms. Zampetti confirmed the letter, and added, "A few months ago we had a meeting with several folks that lived in Caliente, and there was discussion about some of the conduct that was taking place that could be regarded as violations of the SOB (Sexually Oriented Business) ordinance."

In the letter, which Caliente is to consider a formal warning, Zampetti stated that if Pasco is "provided evidence of such violation in the future, the county will seek an injunction to stop further violations of the zoning code, issue a citation and fine, or make use of other available legal remedies."

I am seeking further information on this situation and hopefully will have more to report soon. Anyone reading this who has knowledge of this letter is encouraged to email me as soon as possible. FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO