Another AANR Resort Markets to Swingers

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY In the wake of swinger lifestyle groups taking over Caliente and Paradise Lakes in Florida, and the recent controversy with erotic lifestyles groups at Lupin Lodge, Seminole Nudist Resort in Davie, Florida, is offering special rates to Swinglifestyle members on Saturday, June 26th.

It is reported that Seminole is also including free alcohol and a private bartender to the group, and activities include body painting, a slumber party boutique with lingerie, lotions, potions and adult toys, and a fashion show. There will also be an "ice-breaker" game called "Nuts & Bolts" to match up males with females.

Is this another "ambush" at an AANR nudist resort, as was claimed at Lupin Lodge, or is this another example of nudist resorts caving in to social and economic pressures?

UPDATE: Erich Schuttauf informs me today that Seminole has not been affiliated with AANR for "several months", even though the resort still claims AANR status on their website. FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO