Nude Limerick for a Sweltering Day

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY There was once a young woman named Rose
Who enjoyed taking off all her clothes.
On her bike she would ride
Not ashamed of her hide
From her nose to her cute little toes.

It was summertime sweltering heat
Which made Rose expose more than her feet.
"Why, I haven't a care
Wearing only the air!"
She exclaimed as she rode down the street.

All the townspeople gathered to stare
Such a sight was incredibly rare.
'Cause this ample young girl
On her head had no curl
A Godiva with very short hair.

Soon the story spread out far and wide
Many others joined in for the ride
"Unless you are a prude
Being nude is not rude"
Rose explained with a heart full of pride.

copyright 2010 nudiarist

(note: this is a revised version to correct the meter) FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO