Thanksgiving is the one day each year when Americans set aside negativity and focus on all the wonderful things life has to offer, giving thanks to the the people, places and things which enrich our all-too-brief existences on this planet.

So, here is a list of just a few of the things I am grateful for this year:

  • My wonderful wife of 30 years, who has given me wealth beyond measure. This past summer has been one of the happiest and healthiest of our lives.
  • Our daughter, who makes our lives meaningful every day.
  • Fred and Jo Anne at Cedar Trails Nudist Retreat, who have worked so hard to make their campground the friendliest resort in Ohio.
  • The Naturist Action Committee, for their hard work and diligence in protecting naturist rights, and the resurrection of their newsletter.
  • The Naturist Society, for keeping the message of naturism alive and vital in an increasingly complex and difficult society.
  • AANR, for promoting nude recreation with their annual Skinny-Dip and their efforts to bring younger people into the nudist experience.
  • Dr. Paul Rapoport, for his continuing efforts with TERA to support women in the topfree equal rights movement.
  • Stephane Deschanes, for his wonderful Naturist Living Show podcast which is always timely, interesting, and a must listen for anyone interested in nudism and naturism.
  • To dedicated bloggers The Academic Naturist, MojoNude, Tom Mulhall, Andre at, Nude Hiking and Soaking in the Pacific Northwest, KenFreehikerLady God1va and Cynde Moya for their tenacity and dedication to spreading the nudist/naturist message, when so many others have faded into cyberspace. 
  • And, or course, all of you who stop by here on a daily basis and help make this blog a labor of love.
Happy Thanksgiving to all! FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO