Director/Pedophile And Serial Rapist Roman Polanski Is A Monster, Charlotte Lewis Alleges Forcible Sexual Abuse By Him


Polanski's lawyers assertion that the rape of Samantha Geimer was an "isolated incident" just went down the toilet. When he was at the peak of his fame in America around 1977, director Roman Polanski drugged, vaginally and anally raped a then 13 year-old girl while she begged him to stop. Roman Polanski plead guilty and was supposed to be sentenced for the drugging and sodomizing the 13 year-old girl and aspiring model but he fled to France and now, after over 30 years, he is still fighting extradition for his crimes. He is still fighting extradition back to the U.S. to face the rape charges on case 1. and serve his time. And yesterday's news probably won't make him sleep any better because there is now a case 2. and victim two is finally breaking her silence. Four years after Polanski fled to France, he allegedly forcible raped another girl. This time a little older than his first known victim. A 16 year-old aspiring actress name Charlotte Lewis of London, cast member of Polanski's 1986 film Pirates.

Charlotte Lewis, now a well known British actress, who co-stared with Eddie Murphy in "The Golden Child" says that she was abused sexually in 1982 in the Paris apartment of Roman Polanski when she was just 16. The age of consent in France is 15, meaning that statutory rape laws does not apply here, as the victim was a year over the age of consent in France at that time. But Charlotte Lewis is claiming Polanski forced himself on her so this is not merely a statutory rape case but rather a forcible rape case. Neither Lewis nor her lawyer Gloria Allred would describe how Polanski used force against the actress. According to People, victim two Charlotte Lewis says "All I want is justice." She held a press conference and claimed he forced himself on her affecting her later marriage and intimate relations. report:
Charlotte Lewis, who starred in the Polanski film Pirates, spoke at a news conference Friday saying “he (Roman Polanski) sexually abused me in the worst possible way when I was 16 years old.”
“In addition to the fact that both myself and his previous victim were underage, I believe that there are other similarities in the crime that he committed.”
She continued, “Mr. Polanski knew that I was only 16 years old when he met me and forced himself upon me in his apartment in Paris. He took advantage of me and I have lived with the effects of his behavior ever since it occurred. All I want is justice.”

Wow, fresh allegations that he abused another minor? Look, no one is saying guys shouldn't have anal sex with hot teen girls, okay. I don't think anyone has come here today to argue against that. The problem comes when they are closer to 12 than 20. Sex with 18 and 19 year-olds should be good (young) enough for everyone. But even more importantly, don't use force to get sex. And if you plan to claim they wanted it, stop when they ask you to stop and don't drug them until they are near unconsciousness first. I am still not sure how directors and actors like Woody Allen, Martin Scorsese, Monica Bellucci, Pedro Almodovar and David Lynch support Roman Polanski. Oh wait, yeah I do. Half of those people are perverts too. You may be surprised, but having a guy who married his stepdaughter vouch for you isn’t as promising as it sounds. Anyway, Charlotte Lewis appeared in a cover-featured pictorial in the July 1993 issue of Playboy magazine ten years after she was raped by Roman Polanski. So, Roman Polanski had this chick minus ten years. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Charlotte Lewis at the press conference on Friday:

Charlotte Lewis and Serial Rapist Roman Polanski in the 80's:

Only the serial pedophile rapist: