Disappointing Response from AANR

FOR DOWNLOAD MORE GALLERY In response to my original story "Young Nudists Challenge AANR", the national nude recreation organization has vigorously defended its record on reaching out to young people, while at the same time attacking Young Naturists and Nudists America co-founder Felicity.
According to comments made by Felicity, co-founder of the group, in the December 18 edition of The Political Naturist, AANR doesn’t “represent, create, they don’t get involved.” While a great way to garner headlines for an upstart nudist group, is that statement, and others like it, the truth? Or even more alarming, really necessary?
The title of the AANR blog post is "Can't All Nudist Groups Just Get Along?", but they basically attack Felicity as being a liar, an alarmist, and her opinion unnecessary.

Is Felicity wrong? Perhaps, but in the original story Erich Schuttauf, Executive Director of AANR, gave a measured and thoughtful response to her comments, defending AANR's record without resorting to attacking Felicity or her organization. In fact, he praises them by saying, "I think it is GREAT that a growing group of young people want to take clothes-free recreation to the next level and would welcome an opportunity to talk to their leadership!"

AANR's blog post goes on to say, "Why should any nudist group try to claim advantage over another? Aren’t we all working toward the same goals?" One would think, but AANR's decision to sit out the NAC lawsuit over San Onofre Beach, their refusal to sign a petition on the issue, and subsequent statements basically blaming NAC for the loss of San Onofre, don't exactly exhibit a spirit of cooperation.

Has AANR reached out to YNNA personally? After all, they are supposed to be the "adults" of the national nudist family, and it's their responsibility to bring people together, not to tear them apart.

AANR has every right to defend its record, but it's unwise and destructive to try and tear down others who happen to possess different opinions and ideas.

I sincerely hope that AANR and YNNA find some way to work together, such as co-sponsoring an event, or gathering in person to share ideas, and leaving the egos at home. FOR WATCH MORE VIDEO