Lady Gaga Falls On Her Face Thanks To Her Crazy Boots


Here is Lady Gaga biting the floor at Heathrow Airport, embarrassing herself in front of a few hundred travels while attempting to be the weirdest most outrageous looking person. Lady Gaga wore another one of her dumb outfits the other on her way to catch a flight from London to New York, and this time her shoes fought back in anger for making them look so stupid. She strutted around at first on her 12-inch boots but then, as was inevitable, she collapsed in a fleshy heap like a fat kid falling out of a tree. The bad news is that she didn't do the fall from the top of some concrete stairs. She really needs to be careful where she steps, especially in those boots that were certainly not made for walking around in. Perhaps it’s time she think twice about some of the costumes she put on. The last thing any of her tween fans want is to find out her tours have been canceled because she lost her step. Anyway, how the hell this talentless twit is where she is is beyond me. The only thing I can come up with is tween girls are way too powerful. Katy Perry is another one but she is cool because she has huge breasts. Click on pictures to enlarge.