Lady Gaga Goes Out And Flashed Her Bush In Some See-Through Panties


Lady Gaga was in Stockholm, Sweden yesterday after a performance this weekend wearing a pair of heels so high it looked like she was on stilts. But more to the point she walked around yesterday essentially naked in lingerie and you could kind of see her hairy kitty. Like any good tranny, Lady Gaga was out flashing his lady bits for all to see. She walked around in mesh underwear and flashed her junk to everyone who would dare to look while terrorizing the streets. It was probably the most exciting thing she has ever done yet the most disgusting. Anyway, it is nice to see she finally ran of out of ideas and just started walking around in only her underwear. Stockholm must put a lot of money in their transvestite festival because to get a scantily clad Lady Gaga to walk around the city on Sunday in see-through panties and some ridiculous high platforms boots ain't cheap.

I really hope this gave her the attention she so desperately craves or help you fight off those tranny rumors. Lady Gaga is a hard dude to figure out. Sure his face isn't that attractive, but his tits are pretty solid. His ass may be a little dumpy but nothing to turn your nose up at. What he lacks in physical appearance he definitely makes up for in outward sluttiness, which any fat girl will tell you is the great equalizer. BTW, stop looking for her penis because I think it is tucked under. LOL... I don't mind the amazingly skanky outfit and hidden penis, it is the shoes I don't like. All jokes aside, I no longer think she is a man but rather a very ugly chick who dress like a West Hollywood transvestite street prostitute. But I do want the hermaphrodite rumors to continue because they are working and it is killing her on the inside so soon she will provide us with an unobstructed view of her pussy to stop it. Not that I want to see some surgically constructed va-jay-jay but it would make for a good post. Click on pictures to enlarge.