Moko Top Girl Yan Feng Jiao's KFC Family Big Bucket Leaked Nude Modeling Photo Scandal With Allegedly Zhang Wanyou Part 2


Here are more leaked nude photos of Chinese MOKO model Yan Feng-Jiao (闫凤娇) a.k.a. Niko published under the alias name of Xiao Jiao she used for secret nude modeling in Tiawan. You have seen Moko Top Girl Yan Feng Jiao Leaked Nude Modeling Photo Scandal With Fellow Chinese Model Zhang Wanyou Part 1 so here is the second installment with an additional 120 pictures. Only two more installment to go now! If you are huge fans of China's entertainment world, then this might not be a new thing to you. After the scandals got hit on Shou Shou, the car show model, now more on another MOKO Top Girls. It was put into believed that, after Shou Shou's scandal which have helped her win instant fame and better chances for her career, more models are following her stunt in hoping to strike the same lottery.

The two were being reported to have photos taken naked by a group of photographers but then got leaked and started to circulate on the Internet. However, this was clarified by Zhang Wanyou stating that the model which is seen in the photos with Yan Feng Jiao was not her. Zhang Wanyou want to make it clear that she is not the girl known as Xiao Wan (小婉) in the scandalous photos. Feng Jiao has admitted her part in the x-rated photo shoot. But Zhang Wanyou or Zhang Wan You or Zhang Wan Yau say that she is not Xiao Wan in her blog as well. So it is a mystery to who is the real Xiao Wan and this mystery will continue. But whoever she is and where she is from (either Taiwan or mainland China likely) we can be assure that the Xiao Wan name she used is an alias like the Xiao Jiao name used by Yan Fengjiao for this shoot.

Yan Feng-Jiao said the photos were taken last year in Taiwan and she claim the man who setup the whole thing used elements of coercion to force her to pose naked. But from the facial expression of Yan Fengjiao eating KFC Family Big Bucket, it doesn't look like she was shooting these photos under coercion. She confirmed the girl in the pictures is her but insist in a statement released to the public that she was coerced to take these photos by a mean businessman. In these photographs, Yan Feng-Jiao is seen posing in sexually suggestive poses with the girl known as Xiao Wan. Click on pictures to enlarge.
And her secret overseas girl on girl modeling action start here: