Moko Top Girl Yan Feng Jiao Leaked Nude Modeling Photos With Masturbating Mystery Girl Xiao Wan Part 3


The Chinese model scandal continue with mainland models doing secret nude shoots in Taiwan before they got famous. Here are more leaked nude photos of Chinese MOKO model Yan Feng-Jiao (闫凤娇) and her mysterious friend Xiao Wan. You have seen Moko Top Girl Yan Feng Jiao Leaked Nude Modeling Photo Scandal With Fellow Chinese Model Zhang Wanyou Part 1 and Moko Top Girl Yan Feng Jiao's KFC Family Big Bucket Leaked Nude Modeling Photo Scandal With Allegedly Zhang Wanyou Part 2 so here is the third installment with an additional 150 pictures. This set is mostly of Xiao Wan posing for the camera and masturbating for a room full of wannabe erotic photographers. These underground photoshoot are pretty awesome. Make you wonder how much money each "photographer" had to put in the pot to get these ladies to get naked and naughty for this shoot. They do save a lot of money by pooling their dollars together and hiring a few models to put on these nude shoots. And one can guess the girls get paid better plus they feel safer in this situation with multiple photographers and models. Anyway, I said there was going to be two more installments in the last post but we got more pictures since then. These MOKO models cannot seem to be able to keep their clothes on. Two more installments to go now. Click on pictures to enlarge.