Drunken Skank Flashed Her Topless Breasts At Ashley Cole Outside LA Nightclub

Here an unknown woman flashes her breasts at footballer Ashley Cole outside a nightclub in Los Angeles. Apparently he was out at Guys And Dolls in West Hollywood the other over the weekend and met up with some ladies of questionable repute. One of them even thought it would impress him if she flashed her artificial assets. The drunken brunette pulled her top down to expose her braless boobs to the Chelsea star in public while surrounded by numerous innocent bystanders. The England player who is in the midst of divorce proceedings from pop-star wife Cheryl Cole traveled to LA this week with a group of friends, including teammates Shaun Wright-Phillips, and hit the social scene. Ashley was hit with Cheryl's plans to divorce him in May following allegations he had cheated on the Girls Aloud star was spotted chatting up three different women outside the club, one of which who flashed her breasts at him as she was being introduce. Putting his World Cup woes and his failed marriage behind him, Ashley Cole smiles broadly as he enjoys a break in America with friends and some titties in his face.

As the guys were pictured leaving the Guys And Dolls Lounge they appeared to have had considerable success connecting with the ladies. They were surrounded by attractive young women. The scantily clad ladies then reportedly went back to Ashley's hotel to continue the party despite reports that he is currently dating lap-dancer Sarah Purnell. And while his soon-to-be ex-wife Cheryl Cole is in hospital with malaria, Ashley Cole is caught flaunting his new found single status on vacation. The next day the fun continued as the guys and their new female friends attended a day-long beach party, celebrating American independence, before taking to the streets for a rickshaw ride. Now, American women have no clue who Ashley Cole is so we can safely assume the skank that flashed him is a Brit herself. Anyway, we all know that Ashley is not a rocket scientist but he always seems to find himself in pictures that make him look like a total douchebag. Damn I envy him... Click on pictures to enlarge.

Two of the girls Ashley just met joining him at the hotel, the flasher is already inside:

Ashley appeared to like the unexpected view the night before because he was seen with the flasher the next morning:

Here is a picture of the two girls seen entering Ashley's hotel minus the flasher: