Grettell Valdez Is Half-Naked In Sexy Lingerie For Hombre Magazine

Mexican actress Valdez Grettell posed scantily clad in lacy lingerie for a men's magazine this month, as a gratitude to her fans. Hombre magazine Mexico featured a delightful pictorial with Grettell Valdez in their July 2010 issue where this peach is showing almost every inch of her perfect little body. "Even though people tell me I'm super sexy I do not believe me, so hesitate to participate, I am very sad, but confident grip and said, 'Let's get sexy for my fans!'" Said the young Spanish actress. Within the publication, also made an interview in which she made statements about her sexual fantasies. "One of my fantasies is to do it on the beach, I have not had a chance to be there with someone," she added. LOL... Now what guy wouldn't help her with that fantasy?

Grettell appeared in a couple of telenovelas (Mexican for soap opera) and apparently she is pretty good at it and also really popular. She probably won't impress any of us with her acting skills but she definitely has the right features to leave us all drooling. Just look at that tight Latina ass in her thong panties. Soap operas are known for having glamorous and gorgeous girls but after seeing these pictures of Grettell Valdez, nothing tops the girls from Spanish telenovelas. I had no idea who this chick was five minutes ago but she is definitely hot and showy so she can cross my border anytime. Enjoy! Click on pictures to enlarge.