Una Healy Topless Dirty Dancing In Pool Pictures From Spain

The Saturdays' Una Healy was snapped doing a topless version of the iconic lift scene from "Dirty Dancing" with boyfriend Ben Foden. With more than just a nip slip for her fans, Una Healy showed off some awesome boobs in her topless bikini pictures. Enjoying her first vacation together with the rugby star, she was captured by paparazzi on camera being lifted out from water in nothing but her bikini bottoms in a swimming pool in Ibiza, Spain on Sunday. She is now getting good publicity by going topless and giving us some great ass shots. I like The Saturdays, but I do think Una was a bit desperate going topless. It comes across to me, she want some of the media attention other members of The Saturdays are getting for their upskirts and nipple-slips, so this is her way of doing it. Which is a bit sad in my opinion, not classy at all. Now, I am not saying I don't enjoy seeing it but these attention whores are out of control. And what message does this send to young girls? Show your tits and you too can be famous! Disgusting...LOL. Titties! You gotta to love 'em. Click on pictures to enlarge.